Through the years - staying grounded in what's important & discovering her true potential.

"My next collection of music works is all Gospel.  I've been writing for the last three years gospel songs. And the next part of my entire life is going to be dedicated to music, ministry and helping people.  It seems to always show up and I want to do what God has spoken into my heart for so many years. God has whispered so much wisdom in my life. I just want to continue to be who I am. And if that means going outside the box of what people expect, so be it.  I am happy with being true to myself. God simply amazes me with his miraculous works. The world needs to know the gift of faith and trust in their lives."

Josie Brandon videos are designed to be authentic experiences of life and reflect the energy and vitality of Josie's spirit. Josie's parents are from Sicily and her first introduction to country music was at the age of 3 with records of Patsy Cline her dad bought at a local garage sale.  Born and raised in a small town 45 minutes west of Chicago, Josie's first instrument was an organ that her dad got at a church for free. It wasn't exactly her favorite instrument, but she was thrilled that she had something to play with that was musical and she made use of it day and night driving her brother and sister crazy with writing songs all the way into the deep night in her basement.  

After several years she finally upgraded to a keyboard and put her writing skills to work. Josie's big break came in San Diego, California at a songwriting convention where she was introduced to the President of FIDOF and the President of Bet Entertainment by the manager of the Oak Ridge Boys. Moreno and Franchi loved her work and invited her to fly to Baton Rouge, LA and asked her to collaborate on music projects and showcase in International Events in Music and be the only MC and Host of the event.  It was a total success and with a relationship that has touched her heart for many years. At an International Event a producer in Malta was in the audience and invited Josie to host along side their number one television host in Malta and perform her original music.  The audience loved her and she was given a wonderful welcoming ceremony.

Where is Josie Brandon today? She invested her royalties into several business entities which all have been extremely successful The investment and expansion of her company today in 2021 has proven to be successful.  She is the founder of several companies with co-partnerships. She continues to maintain contracts and publishing deals in the music and television marketplace. She collaborates with many artists and loves the opportunity to have long lasting friendships beyond the professional accomplishments.  She also works with many CEO's in building company platforms with her business development and branding division www.JosieBrandon.Com.  

Country Music Video "So Cool"

Country Music Video "I Should Know"

Country Music Video "Crazy Week"

Country Music Video "When We Make Love"

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