20 Years creating and working Globally with Companies of all sizes inspiring the world.

Josie Brandon™ is a global speaker, the author of three books and the founder of several global organizations. She shares the message of transformation and courage to her business audiences, family audiences and music fans. She provides workshops to help others heal, grow and enjoy freedom in being who God designed you to be without narratives that others define for you.

There is no such thing as a small decision. All decisions have quantum factors, big impact. Decisions create destiny. 
For 20 years all I did was write music, create companies I loved and represent companies I believed in. On this path of growth I discovered so many incredibly talented people in music, owners of companies and celebrities in Hollywood so afraid to change or be seen for change and worry so much about the evolution of their careers and paths because of the opinions of others.  It's a shame that people today mock those who took risks and who sustained and who also had to get back or change paths for whatever reason.  I am here to applaud the risk taker, the believer of self and for those who also want to rest or need change. It's all okay.  And I beseech all of us to applaud those who took that leap of faith and did what so many never do in a lifetime. 
I believe the greatest thing we can do is have courage to not worry what people say or think and simply do what we love or feels right at the time.  As long as it doesn't break any moral code of honor it's all good. And if people make mistakes, they can always get back into position by making better choices now.
We need to work with people and companies that resonate with our core beliefs.  And I think we need to stop judging where people are at in their career paths and just love them where ever they land and remind them that they are still perfect in our hearts regardless of titles and career success.
Sometimes people need to run and sometimes people need to rest. Sometimes people know exactly what they want and sometimes people need to find themselves again. Sometimes people like the company of others and sometimes people need space. It's all Okay. It's all perfect. It's all part of THE JOURNEY.  Because it's what you need deep inside for yourself that nobody else may understand at the time. 
I wrote this song 20 years ago because I had a vision and a feeling of experiencing the depths of life and not wanting to feel guilty for being so aware of the feelings of desire, fire, questions, longing for "wow" experiences of my own that mattered to my own development of self and the people I loved. Who would of guessed 20 years later, this song would have so much meaning and be exactly the walk I would be taking. 
I pray it resonates with those who seek ultimate growth and ultimate joy for trusting God's divine plan and having courage.  I applaud all of you who explore, seek and rest.  Be free.
Love and light,
Josie Brandon 
Honored To Be A Member of Gospel Music Association 

Thank you Radio Stations!!!!

"My next collection of music works is all Gospel.  I've been writing for the last three years gospel songs. And the next part of my entire life is going to be dedicated to music, ministry, business and helping people.  It seems to always show up and I want to do what God has spoken into my heart for so many years. God has whispered so much wisdom in my life. I just want to continue to be who I am. And if that means going outside the box of what people expect, so be it.  I am happy with being true to myself. God simply amazes me with his miraculous works. The world needs to know the gift of faith and trust in their lives."

The songs that I write have always been about feeling the human spirit of people and wanting to get a smile out of them when they need it most. My joy is seeing progress in love. That's what matters most. I've seen it to know it.


Josie Brandon through the years continues to keep her music pure and simple :)

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