Thank you My Lord:)

My love is with the Lord who governs my heart and my life.

I am a playful, driven and happy young lady born to Sicilian parents who immigrated from Sicily in 1964 with nothing but a few dollars in their pockets. I was born many years later and their hard work inspired me every day to go beyond my comfort zone, to dream and evolve to the fullest and trust God completely through every process.

I've been through my share of life lessons. I am stronger and better for it. Now I am ready for joy beyond my wildest dreams and the pathway is now clear. I am guided, supported and ready in mind, body and spirit. I wrote this prayer in honor of what the Lord taught me to believe, accept and receive in the book of life.

I am a genius creator, created by you Lord, capable of creating anything. I have it. It is mine. I attract what is abundantly good and abundantly prosperous. With you, in you and through you I am unstoppable and I am love magnified in your glory. Thank you for all that you have given to me and continue to bless me with on a constant basis. Bless my friends, my family and all that I do with my mind, my heart, my body, spirit and my being...I deeply thank you and celebrate you my Lord. In the name of Jesus I declare this, I receive this, it is done. Amen 

                    xoxo - Josie Brandon  

I Believe In Miracles - Performance ABC

Take The Time - I Believe In Miracles by Josie Brandon

Josie wrote this original song in 2001 on her piano. It was recorded on a cassette as a demo. She loved the simple authenticity of it and chose to keep it just the way it was. It was a success and aired on a program on ABC affiliates Spotlights On Special Presentations.

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